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Concrete Hearts - made with love

For your modern Valentine who rocks your world - DIY Concrete Hearts - step by strep tutorial. MATERIALS: + silicone ice cub trays (I picked two up at Target for under $3.) + quick dry cement (Be sure that it’s cement, not concrete as concrete will be textured and peppered ...

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Woven Heart Card

Learn how to make great valentine card. FOR THE WOVEN HEART CARD YOU WILL NEED: + Colored paper strips (5mm wide). Quilling strips work perfectly. + A4 paper for the card & envelope + Scissors + Ruler + Something to score the paper + Craft knife and cutting mat + ...

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DIY Rose Covered Heart Frame

Learn to make this lovely heart-shaped frame covered in crepe paper roses. This pretty posie makes a great Valentine's Day project, wedding craft, or photobooth prop!

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DIY Wedding Favors: Salt Dough Tags

These fancy schmancy salt dough tags will add pizazz to your DIY wedding favors. They’re fun and easy to make too! If you have stamps with individual letters, you could also use these as name cards. Here is what you need to make these salt dough tags: 2 cups of ...

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Teeny Tiny Hearts

This is my pattern for making Teeny Tiny Hearts which are rather on the cute side and super easy and quick to do.

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Valentines Day Pixelated Popup Card

In this Valentines Day Pixelated Popup Card tutorial you can learn how to make this cute pixely popup heart card. Just print Valentines Day card template cut it and sent it:) Say "I love you" with this cute Valentine's day Card

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