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DIY Ring Bowl Made from Oven Bake Clay

It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. It doesn’t require lots of fancy tools. It’s not overly time-consuming (only 1.5 – 2 hours). The result is stunning. After the wedding you can display it as a cherished handmade keepsake from your wedding. The inspiration for this project came from Esther over at WhollyKao. ...

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DIY Centerpieces Made Out of Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons

I made these whimsical DIY centerpieces from egg cartons and vintage buttons. My Blue Box is nearly always overflowing with egg cartons. I’m always dreaming up ways to turn them into craft projects – and this is one of my latest. These were inspired by my post last month on ...

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DIY Favor Tags: Antiqued Clay Tags

This is my second DIY wedding project made with oven-bake clay (my last project was a ring bowl), and I’ve come to the conclusion that every crafty bride should have it in her arsenal of DIY materials. Oven-bake clay is incredibly versatile and easy to work with – and the ...

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DIY Wedding Favors: Salt Dough Tags

These fancy schmancy salt dough tags will add pizazz to your DIY wedding favors. They’re fun and easy to make too! If you have stamps with individual letters, you could also use these as name cards. Here is what you need to make these salt dough tags: 2 cups of ...

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