It’s time for you to grab your knitting needles, yarn and learn how easy knitting is. Who says that you have to start with socks or a patterned cardigan with a hood and pockets? There are plenty of simple items that EVERYBODY can knit.

Our knitting tutorials section gathers a lot of inspiring examples and useful instructions on how to enjoy and succeed in knitting.

If you’re already an advanced knitter please contribute to and submit your tutorials and photos to teach and inspire others.

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Knit your Dog :) FREE Corgi Pattern

Knit your own Corgi – every home should have one! These foxy little guys have friends in high places, REALLY high! Hugh Heffner, Ava Gardner, Steven King, Richard Petty (of NASCAR fame), Norman Rockwell and, of course, the Queen of England are all Corgi fans. Even so, they’re famous in ...

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Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

There are lots of ideas for adapting the design of this pattern (for instance adding numbers to make an advent calendar).

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Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys

Here is a free pattern to make some teeny tiny toys - just under 2.5 inches (6 cms) tall.

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Oink Angel Pig - Free Pattern

Great tutorial with step by step pattern in the PDF file. Wings are a fun addition but are optional.

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Handmade Slippers Tutorial

Need a last minute gift with a little sweetness? Does the pretty, pretty princess in your life have frosty feet? You can knit these slippers in two nights with only one ball of yarn.

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Baby Mocs

These super easy baby booties are such a breeze to knit that a set of three would be a perfect gift. I would love if people used this pattern as a starting point to make booties unique to their own inspirations. Change the colors and duplicate stitch designs to make ...

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Knitted Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is really easy to make. You can put it under nice hot mug of tee or mulled wine, or send as season greeting to someone dear.

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Fashionable and Functional Legwarmers

Legwarmers. It's a functional accessory used to keep legs warm (obviously!). I wanted to make a pair that were as fashionable as they are functional. This was fun to knit and more fun to wear. It's great to pair these up with a skirt or shorts for the cooler days ...

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Topaz Baby Dress Pattern

This will be a perfect project for knitters who want to attempt incorporating a little color into their work—Fair Isle-like diamond pattern which actually uses only 1 CC and is completed in 9 rows.

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