Concrete Hearts - made with love

  • heart,valentine,concrete
  • heart,valentine,concrete
  • heart,valentine,concrete
  • heart,valentine,concrete
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For your modern Valentine who rocks your world - DIY Concrete Hearts - step by strep tutorial.
+ silicone ice cub trays (I picked two up at Target for under $3.)
+ quick dry cement (Be sure that it’s cement, not concrete as concrete will be textured and peppered with small rocks. You should be able to find it at any local hardware store.)
+ disposable cup and spoon for mixing cement (Not to state the obvious, but DO NOT rinse the cement down your sink. Throw it in the trash when done with the project. And I recommend that you use rubber gloves and work in a well-ventilated space while you’re working with the cement.)
+ safflower oil (Although, arguably, any cooking oil will work, I’ve seen safflower oil the highest recommended when working with cement.)
+ water
+ paper towels

Concrete Hearts - made... See Tutorial

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