Little Red Riding Hood Set Free Crochet Pattern!

  • crochet,pattern,red riding hood,children
  • crochet,pattern,red riding hood,children
  • crochet,pattern,red riding hood,children
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Hey guys! As promised, here is the pattern for my Little Red Riding Hood Crochet set!
The same rules apply - this pattern is purely for personal use only, and any pictures of your completed projects will be highly welcomed on my facebook page! And now without further ado… (*drumrollz!*)

- Worsted Weight Yarn:

Colour A/Skin colour (for Little Red’s skin)
Colour B/Light Denim (for Little Red’s dress)
Colour C/Red (for Little Red’s hood)
Colour D/Grey (for Wolfie)
Colour E/White (for Wolfie’s feet, snout, and belly and for Little Red’s undies)
Colour F/Black (for embellishments)
Colour G/Brown (for the basket)
- White crochet thread (for Little Red’s collar)

- Any yarn you prefer for making hair

- Crochet hook G and B (US size)

- Fiber fill

- Safety eyes x4

- Wire/pipe cleaners (optional: to make limbs adjustable)

*note: crochet hook size and yarn weight are my preferences. If you were to use yarns of a heavier weight, remember to use the corresponding hook size! Likewise, if using yarns of a lighter weight, use the right sized hook. (Personally, when crocheting amigurumi, I like using a hook size that is one size smaller than what they recommend of the yarn label so the stitches will be tighter and denser - making the final product sturdier and also look better in my opinion since the stuffing will not show through.) Heavier yarns and bigger hooks will yield bigger finished products, just as lighter yarns and smaller hooks will yield smaller finished products.

Little Red Riding Hood... See Tutorial

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