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Easter festivities are about to begin and It is time to start planning for the upcoming Easter holiday! Start your festive preparations by making these cute little Easter Baskets!!!These would also be perfect for Easter gifts! You could also tailor the colors and use it to give Christmas or Valentine's Day gifts.

These baskets are just the right size for your little one to use at the Easter egg hunt.Also, crochet one of these baskets, fill it with flowers and make it a great display item for your Easter themed decorations.

I like making handmade gifts and I think these Easter Baskets are so much better than store bought baskets because handmade gifts do really show that they were made with love!!!

Materials Used:-

Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

Chain 3 and 15 Double Crochet in the Magic Circle.(Total 16.Chain 3 counted as 1 stitch).Slip stitch to join and pull the loose end of the yarn tail to close the gap in the middle.
Change Color.Puff Stitch in each of the 16 double Crochets.Slip Stitch to join.
Change Color.(Puff Stitch, Chain 2) all around.Slip Stitch to join.
Change Color.Repeat (2Dc in chain space, 1 DC on the puff stitch) all around.Slip Stitch to join.
Chain 2.Double Crochet only in the Back Loops all around.Slip Stitch to Join.
Chain 2.Double Crochet in each stitch around.Slip Stitch to Join.
Change Color.(Puff Stitch,Chain 1, Skip a Stitch,Puff Stitch) all around.Slip Stitch to Join. Change Color.(Puff Stitch,Chain 1) all around.
Chain 2.Double Crochet in each stitch all around.Stitch to join.(Do not Cut Yarn.)
To make the handle, Chain 30 stitches.Slip stitch on the other end.Slip stitch in the next 2 stitches. 1 Double Crochet on Each of the 30 chain stitches.Slip stitch to join and slip stitch back 2 stitches to starting chain you made.
Make sure to close up the gap by slip stitching through the Handle and the Basket end. Weave in the loose ends.

Easter Basket See Tutorial

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