Paper is one of the most popular and common materials, almost always on hand. Yesterday’s newspapers, outdated colorful magazines, empty cereals boxes, last christmas gift wrappings, or cardboard rolls from toilet paper – there are probably plenty of such paper products lying around your house, considered as no longer useful.

Below we’ve gathered some amazing paper craft tutorials, full of brilliant, creative ideas on how to make something out of nothing. They present an easy and inexpensive way to surprise some dear one with a self-made gift or card, decorate your table and walls… not to mention that you’re recycling.

Try to follow some of these tutorials and we guarantee that it won’t take long before you’ll be coming up with ideas of your own! By the way, we’re looking forward to see your tutorial submitted to our site :)

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Super Simple Paper Stars

Who doesn’t like an easy to make paper star? As with all simple crafts, they usually look great in a cluster and this star is perfect for hanging with others of different sizes and colors. You likely have the material at home if you use recycled paper. And kids love ...

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Origami Flower

Learn how to make elegant origami flowers. Step by step photo instructions and video tutorial. Peper flowers you can use to decore your table, use as element of wrapping.

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Folding a Paper Lily

Lilies are one of my favourite symbols of Spring. While the real deal are gorgeous, this paper version offers a unique flair in every colour of the rainbow. Just pick the perfect paper to suit your style, decor, or even your mood.

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Origami Box Ornaments by Samantha Miller

I have folded a few thousand of these boxes and have learned the following along the way: cut a good square, fold crisply, and practice before you use paper you really like!

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Kusudama Paper Flower Ball

Learn how to make paper kusudama flower ball following step by step tutorial illustrated by photos. This can be great handmade gift for your friends or family. You can also make christmas tree decoration from kusudama flower balls.

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