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Geometric Heart Cards

Create your geometric heart card in two ways!

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Hot Air Balloon Mobile

See how to make paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile - it can be great gift for newborn child. If you have a Silhouette Machine, this project will be a lot quicker for you.

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Easier Than Applique Painted Patterned Onesies

Learn how to create great gift for a baby shower. it's easier than applique painted patterned onesies.

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Flower Crown

A fun Spring/Summer tutorial - make your own flower crown from silk flowers. You can wear it during Swedish Midsommar, or just for fun!

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Concrete Hearts - made with love

For your modern Valentine who rocks your world - DIY Concrete Hearts - step by strep tutorial. MATERIALS: + silicone ice cub trays (I picked two up at Target for under $3.) + quick dry cement (Be sure that it’s cement, not concrete as concrete will be textured and peppered ...

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Woven Heart Card

Learn how to make great valentine card. FOR THE WOVEN HEART CARD YOU WILL NEED: + Colored paper strips (5mm wide). Quilling strips work perfectly. + A4 paper for the card & envelope + Scissors + Ruler + Something to score the paper + Craft knife and cutting mat + ...

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How to Applique

Step by step tutorial on how to upgrade your t-shirt with appliqué. You will need: a) an old t-shirt of any colour b) scrap t-shirt material (either from another old t-shirt or your scrap!) c) scissors, embroidery thread, needle, washable fabric pen or you could use a Sharpie for dramatic ...

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Make Your Own Weaving Loom

Make your own loom out of a plastic box. What you need: a) Sturdy plastic box - the bigger the box, the bigger your weave product. b) Crafts Knife - a pen knife will also do the job but you have more control with a craft knife. c) Marker pen ...

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Water Marbled Drawer Knobs

If you feel like the drawer knobs on your dresser need a makeover, then this tutorial will show you how to decorate your drawer knobs using the water marbling technique. You will a cup of water and nail polish for this project.

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Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

Today I'm sharing some super simple, last minute halloween craft ideas for the kids. Create these cute little halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store and short list of supplies that includes: 1. scissors 2. googly eyes 3. green paper/craft foam 4. small orange dessert plate 5. black ...

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