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Woven Heart Card

Learn how to make great valentine card. FOR THE WOVEN HEART CARD YOU WILL NEED: + Colored paper strips (5mm wide). Quilling strips work perfectly. + A4 paper for the card & envelope + Scissors + Ruler + Something to score the paper + Craft knife and cutting mat + ...

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Paper Rose Tutorial

Make paper roses using heart shapes make them with heart paper punch.

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Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Make these easy paper flowers using a circle/oval or balloon shape.If you have craft punches making these is super fast and easy

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Papercut Tutorial

ll you will need is a knife (I recommend an X-Acto knife with the #11 blade because they're the sharpest ones) and a self-healing cutting mat (they come in different colors and sizes). This is a great opportunity for you to give papercutting a try and right here I am ...

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Valentines Day Pixelated Popup Card

In this Valentines Day Pixelated Popup Card tutorial you can learn how to make this cute pixely popup heart card. Just print Valentines Day card template cut it and sent it:) Say "I love you" with this cute Valentine's day Card

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Make a Card - Thanks

Learn how to make great thanks card.

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