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Hanging Succulent Garden Made With Pistachio Shells

Yesterday I was torn between making a piece of artwork to hang on the wall with my pistachio shell flowers, and a wreath for my front door. So, I ended up making a piece of artwork that is currently hanging on my front door in lieu of a fall wreath. ...

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Papier-mâché Pumpkin

Decorate your home for fall with these easy papier mache pumpkins made from common household materials. All you need is news paper, tape, flour, paint and a few cups of water.

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Paper Pumpkins

3D paper pumpkins. Pick out some pretty paper, add a little Mod Podge, throw on some good old Rock n' Roll twist music, and voila! Magical paper pumpkins.

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Pretty Painted Pumpkins Tutorial

Learn how to create pretty little pumpkins in pastel colors full of detail and design.

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How to Make Roses from Maple Leaves

Anybody can go to a store and pick up roses…it takes someone caring to make the roses as a gift…lovely idea to make roses from maple leaves - see how easy it is.

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