How to Make Christmas Tree from Poplar Twigs

  • christmas,christmas tree,decoration,twig,wood,
  • christmas,christmas tree,decoration,twig,wood,
  • christmas,christmas tree,decoration,twig,wood,
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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Christmas Tree from poplar twigs. You'll learn how to make super easy and inexpensive christmas trees in different sizes. When made of small twigs it's a perfect christmas decoration for your tree. You also can make a bigger one and use it instead of a traditional Christmas Tree.

What you will need

  • a few twigs, I used poplar ones
  • handsaw or fretsaw
  • sandpaper
  • drill
  • beads with big holes - optional
  • paint, brushes, tape - optional
  • twine or ribbon or yarn
  • big needle
  • pocket knife - optional

Cut your twig into pieces, each next piece shorter than the previous one. First I used a handsaw (it takes some time) than I figured out that I can borrow a fretsaw and it really speeded up my work.

christmas tree from twigs

For one Christmas Tree you will need about  5-7 pieces.

christmas tree craft tutorial

Drill holes through the center of every small twig. Be careful - on thin twigs your drill slides out easily. Remember to always keep your driller perpendicular to the working place.

Christmas Tree from twigs DIY

I had to peal my twigs with a knife but it may happen that it won't be necessary in your case. It depends on the tree species you've chosen.

Christmas Tree Decoration craft tutorial

christmas crft tutorial

With the sandpaper, smooth the holes and the ends of the small twigs. If you have pealed your twigs you can sand them entirely.

Christmas Tree DIY

Craft tutorial how to make twig christmas tree

Thread your twine through a needle and thread the bottom of the trunk. Continue threading the twigs and beads alternately.

Christmas Tree DIY

Tutorial Twig Christmas Tree Decoration

When you reach the top of your Christmas Tree leave some length of the twine for the hanger and start to re-thread the beads and the twings in the reverse order.

Twig Christmas Tree

Christmas tree Tutorial

Below you can see two finished examples of my Christmas trees. I hope you like them and that you'll give them a try this Christmas! If you decide to follow this tutorial, don't forget to proudly share your results on our flickr or facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Tree made of twigs

And once again - Merry Christmas!

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